Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads, 10 ct.

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These soap pads are designed to combat even the toughest grease & grime. The classic square shape allows it to get into those tough to reach corners while still maintaining its shape. Anti-rust formula restores grills, pots, pans and baking sheets to their original state. Brillo's formula allows this soap pad to have 29% more soap and 8% more steel wool than any other soap pad. 

For use on various outdoor surfaces such as; barbeque grills, machinery, tools, patio furniture, equipment, etc.

For us on various indoor surfaces such as; stovetops, ovens, burners, tile floors, countertops, glass doors, stainless steel sinks, silverware/cutlery, bowls, dishes, bakeware, glassware, pots and pans

Use Instructions: Wet soap pad with water, clean surface. For extra tough jobs, scrub against the grain. For delicate or polished surfaces, conduct a test on an inconsipcuous area before use