Flat Silicone Brush 2.5”

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Ateco silicone pastry and bakery brush is an indispensable tool in any bakery or home kitchen. Ideal for brushing glazes or washes over breads and delicate pastry dough, this silicone pastry brush.
  • Ateco's Silicone Pastry and Bakery Brush makes it easy to glaze pastries or brush excess flour off of dough
  • Tapered bristles function like natural fiber bristles to brush delicate pastry without tearing the dough
  • Ideal for egg wash, icing, glaze, butter, and other washes
  • Made of silicone with a nylon core handle; dishwasher safe so brush is easy to clean and sanitize
  • By Ateco, professional quality and quality design since 1905