Translucent Ingredient Bins

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Translucent Ingredient Bin is good for storing goods, nuts, pasta , rice and other ingredients you want to store. It keeps Ingredients organized and fresh. Avoiding humidity is key to preventing dry ingredients from spoiling and this ingredient bin makes it easy. This ingredient bin is a convenient way to create a FIFO system in your kitchen. There is one lid for filling and another for removing food so you can facilitate and control the rotation of ingredients inside the bin. Plus, with a large, transparent window, you can see the contents of the bin and refill as necessary.

Sizes Available:

  • 1.8 gal. - Holds approximately 8 lb. of flour or 12 lb. of sugar
  • 4 gal. - Holds approximately 17 lb. of flour or 28 lb. of sugar
  • 6 gal. - Holds approximately 26 lb. of flour or 42 lb. of sugar
  • 13 gal. - Holds approximately 57 lb. of flour or 92 lb. of sugar